The staff hiring policy

Our policy of hiring JOSETTE´S brand personnel includes the following points:

The company has several types of electronic audio products and accessories, the availability of working night hours is essential to be considered as an applicant.
The person to be hired must meet the position profile established for the vacancy.
Before starting the recruitment process, the company will analyze the possibility of carrying out a promotion or internal rotation according to the established vacancy.
All candidates must undergo an interview, labor and medical examinations, and must obtain satisfactory results according to the needs of each case to be considered as suitable for a vacancy.
No hiring of personnel can be made that has not complied with the selection process.
It is not possible to hire minors.
No worker will be discriminated against for reasons of age, sex, marital status, rational or ethnic origin, social, religious or convictions, political ideas, sexual orientation, affiliation or not to a union, disability, as well as for reasons of language.
The worker must keep absolute discretion with confidential information.
The worker may not carry out negotiations related to the assets of the company in which he may have a real or potential interest.
Not having a criminal and judicial record.
The administration will be responsible for integrating the personnel files and confidentially handling their information, as well as preparing the respective contracts, requesting for this purpose the following documentation: personal interview, pre-occupational study, curriculum vitae and documentation that accredits the information that it invokes, criminal record certificate, national identity document, tax or service in your name both to prove personal data and address, and any other documentation that is considered relevant.
The data and references provided by the workers will be verified by the company, it being understood that if they are found to be false, they will not be admitted to work, or, if they are already working, the Individual work contract may be terminated, without any responsibility of the company.
Any person hired to perform a function in the company must sign an employment contract that contains all the information required by law and according to internal policies, the company may temporarily hire a worker who, due to the nature of the work, only last part of the year. This type of contract is called “contingent” and ends without liability on the part of the company on the end date stipulated therein for the purpose of assignment.
Once the contract is signed, the employee is committed to the company, to provide his personal services, at the level that corresponds to him in the organization, complying with the clauses of the contract and the labor laws and regulations that regulate labor relations. The induction to the position will be given and coordinated by the Head of Human Resources and then a written evaluation will be carried out, where general aspects of the company, the position, and the quality and environmental systems as well as established safety aspects will be made known. for the proper development of each of the activities developed by the organization.
All new employees will be subjected to a probationary period, this will be three months, at the end of this period the immediate direct boss must make the evaluation and recommend or not their hiring, to the Human Resources management, for the purposes of confirmation in the post.
Human Resources Management for the selection of officials will have as a principle the search for personnel of the highest professional quality, whose competencies are in accordance with institutional requirements and objectives, through technical, transparent and non-discriminatory procedures, based on in merit and excellence.
The attitudinal factor is fundamental within the values ​​of the company, good manners as well as good customs are considered the basis of the adequate harmonious functioning of any human group. The working group should develop in a warm environment, of kindness, tolerance and mutual cooperation.
Those applicants, who are hygienic, who have a healthy physical state, who have a varied and nutritious diet, will be prioritized.
No worker with an indefinite contract may provide his services to another company that is a competitor.
The worker must keep absolute discretion with confidential information.
There must be no spouses within the organization or relatives up to the fourth degree of consanguinity at the time of hiring.
Employees should not enter into conjugal relations with each other, if they are, one of them must terminate the contract.
Have a suitable specialization for the position in which they are going to perform and according to the hierarchical location (positions of direction, management, control and trust)
Applicants for the positions must have at least 6 months of experience as a temporary employee. It may vary depending on the responsibility of the position.
The company promotes responsible vehicle handling, so employees will be hired with insurance and helmets in the case of motorcycles and with insurance in the case of motor vehicles.
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